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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm




3120 Valley View Ct., Rohrersville, Maryland

We are a husband and wife team committed to equine education and care through structured riding lessons and fun filled horse back riding birthday parties.  Our facility is nestled in Pleasant Valley near Brunswick, MD.

Our Mission

To foster our love of horses in the community and to expose youths in the surrounding areas to the equine world

Accomplish Our Mission

*Riding Lessons


*Hosting Birthday Events

*Horse show enthusiast

*Local and Breed shows


Out Reach

*Work with local churches, Fall festivals and vacation bible schools such as COS.

*Horses shown in local open and Arabian Breed shows in junior classes such as lead line and walk trot.


Assisted Church of our Savior in their Vacation Bible School fun day and theme of Noah's Arc

Open Shows

Mariah and Stormy were shown by David Quintal at the BRAHA shows in walk trot


Julie A. Cook

*Horse owner for over 40 ears. 

 *Shows Arabian and Half Arabian Horses in various Western and English Disciplines

*Has won US Nationals, East Coast and Regional Titles

*Has been given multiple Arabian horse achievement awards

Sierra and Chris Cook

Chris Cook

*Grounds Keeper

*Support show staff member

*Equine care


*19 yr. old Paint mare

*Rides English and Western

*Halter Horse

*Walk trot at local open show champion

*Most importantly Chris Cook's girl

Scarlets Mariah

*25 yr old Arabian mare

*AKA Mariah

*Rides English and Western

*Holds multiple East Coast and Regional Arabian Trail championships and reserve honors

*Mother to Playboy's Win Storm

Playboy's Win Storm

*13 yr. old half Arabian gelding 

*AKA Stormy

*Rides English and Western.

*Holds one US National top ten honor and multiple East Coast and Regional Trail, and horsemanship championships and reserve honors.

*Has been awarded multiple USEF Region 15 working western horse of the year awards

C&J Acres Services

Services include but are not limited to the following:  Riding lessons both English and Western, and Birthday Parties.  We can plan the entire party for your convenience and stress relief.   Prices are as follows:


Group $45.00/hr

Single $80.00/hr

Real-world Riding Experience
In our lessons, not only will 
you learn true western and english riding but also common skills necessary when you are in 
the arena, or on the trail.

C&J Acres is about You and here for YOU - the RIDER!
Stay in the Saddle teaches the most balanced seat, giving you a foundation to make the most of 
your riding. Increase your competitive edge by learning how to move with and enable your 
horse, reduce risk of injury and fear, and build a level of confidence that you have yet to find. 
Every discipline and every experience level improves with the Stay in the Saddle method.

Meet Julie Cook
Contrary to most trainers and instructors that you see and hear, I teach lessons that focus not on 
the horse but on the student. All the fancy maneuvers that can be accomplished on a horse are 
nothing without a good seat. I am primarily self-taught. I have spent years through trial and error, 
experimenting with all the new methods and fads that are constantly bombarding horsemen and 
have developed the most safe and successful seat to date. I understand what it means to learn to 
ride as an adult. And what accident and injury can do to you and your confidence.
If you want to succeed in Comfort, Communication, Control and Confidence - I have what you 
need.  Stay in the Saddle is western riding lessons for YOU, the rider!
Teaching True Western and English Riding Lessons to All Ages
Welcome to C&J Acres

Birthday Parties:

$400.00 for 2 hrs. for 1 horse

$50.00 per extra horse

$125.00 for additional hrs.

*Contact us for pricing for food, party tent and grill.

Holiday Party Pricing:

$100 per staff member

Contact Julie Cook at 240-529-7777 to plan your next riding lesson or event.



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